Le Grand Oeuvre (The Great Work)

La Tortue Noire (Canada) presents “Le Grand Oeuvre (The Great Work)” which tells the story of a mysterious scientist who makes explosive experiments in his medieval laboratory. Under his magic hands, objects are transformed. But, unbeknownst to him, his thoughts come to life and a strange universe comes to life on his head. Symbolizing the planet Earth, the skull of man becomes the bearer of his luminous visions focused on the creation of the world. This show without words offers by the ingenuity of its sound and visual design an empirical and sinuous vision of the upheaval of humanity; an ode to creation.

20 minutes (The production has no words)

PERFORMANCES: Thursday, 8/9 at 6pm | Friday, 8/10 at 6pm & 9:30pm | Sunday, 8/12 at 6pm (@ Teatro LaTea)  BUY TICKETS HERE

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