Puppet Cabaret

We are excited to announce that the Great Small Works and Puppetry Guild of Greater New York will be hosting Puppet Cabaret nights at 11pm on August 10-11. 

Friday, August 10th at 10:30pmSpaghetti Dinner by Great Small Works.


Great Small Works Spaghetti Dinner
Since its creation in 1995, GREAT SMALL WORKS has produced Spaghetti Dinners, one-time-only variety evenings presented in cabaret format. Founded by veterans of Vermont’s Bread & Puppet Theater, the Spaghetti Dinners began in a storefront on East Ninth Street as informal evenings for neighborhood residents and members of the downtown theater community, combining puppet theater, New Orleans brass band music, and healthy portions of spaghetti with fresh garlic. Today, the Spaghetti Dinners continue to honor the diversity of NYC’s rich cultural life – they feed people with food, with art and with ideas.

Great Small Works members are: John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Stephen Kaplin, Jenny Romaine, Roberto Rossi and Mark Sussman.

Lu Liu and Harrison Greene will perform music combining traditional Chinese pipa and guitar to string together two cultures and create original songs.

Nick Knave
Knave is a street, stage, and Burlesque performer coming to us from San Francisco. From all ages cabaret to singing vaginas Nick has his grubby little mitts all over everything “puppet.”

Jenny Romaine excerpts from
The Revival of the Uzda Grave Diggers: Part 2

Between the bundist bootmakers of Minsk and the dashing sash weavers of Slutsk, there were the Gravediggers and Gardeners of UZDA. Once a musar town in Yiddish Lite, now a sleepy shtetl in Belarus, UZDA is home to two adjacent cemeteries, one Jewish and one Muslim Tatar. This excerpt is phase 2 of project by theater director Jenny Romaine, singer/songwriter/accordionist/novelist Geoff Berner and translator Ben Kline, who followed their curiosity about the lost memories and folkways of the Gravediggers and Gardeners of UZDA and the central role of Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Pagan funeral professionals, all living together in the primeval forest for hundred and hundreds of years.

Paradox Teatro
Sofía Padilla and Davey T Steinman


In light of expanding border walls around the globe, Migraciones follows the voyage of refugees as they travel through sand, water and shadows, in search of a new home. Paradox Teatro is a collaboration between artists from México and the United States, communicating across cultures with puppetry, music, and poetry in English and Spanish.

Kathleen Kennedy Tobin
Turn Out Your Dead, New York Harbor, 1781
Sketch for Hulk and Fleet
Excerpt from work-in-progress puppet show about prison ships.

Saturday, August 11th at 11pm: NYC Women of Puppetry hosted by Puppetry Guild of Greater New York


The Puppetry Guild of Greater NY presents
NYC Women of Puppetry

An evening of short form puppetry acts created by New York City women.
Hosted by The Ambassador of Joy, and guild president, Joshua Holden

Puppetry Guild of Greater NY
PGOGNY is the central hub for the puppet community in the greater NY area offering
workshops taught by leading professionals in the field, discount tickets to shows, and
performance opportunities. Founded in 1962 by Lee and Gia Wallace, the guild has always been, and still is, a place that fosters community, friendship, and a sense of family through face to face gatherings.

Z Briggs
“Dumb Lovers”
Using her body as the puppets, Lindsey “Z.” Briggs tells the story of a relationship narrated through movement and music by Pearl and the Beard. Z. is co-artistic director of NYC’s WonderSpark Puppets and the Foundation Manager of the Jim Henson Foundation.

Hillary Chaplain
“The Last Rat of Theresienstadt”
Using the music, art and poetry that was produced in the concentration camp of
Theresienstadt by the many prominent artists imprisoned there, we will tell the story of Sofia Brün, a cabaret star from Weimar Berlin and Pavel, a rod/bunraku style rat puppet. Sofia has lost everything and with it, her will to live. Pavel, a big and joyful fan of the Cabaret, refuses to allow her to give up and regardless of what may be her final fate, fans that flame of creativity and brings her back to a final performance in the Theresienstadt Cabaret.

Mindy Leanse
Sir Andrew is distraught and far far too drunk for his own good. Can his friend, Sir Andrew, bring him back to the party?

Katie McGeorge
A harmonious humanete act that tells the story of a concert from the early days that didn’t go as planned.

Ora Fruchter
“Stand By Me”
An impatient mama bird discovers that parenting is sometimes about breaking eggs.

Kayla Prestel
A shadow puppet adaptation of a classic C.S. Lewis poem

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