Inscapes to Global Puppetry: UNIMA as a Catalyst

“UNIMA Overview: Worlds of Puppetry” – Kathy Foley (University of California-Santa Cruz), President UNIMA-USA (PowerPoint created by Kristen Haverty, Center for Puppetry Arts and UNIMA-USA Councillor)

“Making International Connections” – Kurt Hunter (Concordia University), Treasurer and Publications Chair UNIMA-USA and Hunter Marionettes

How participation in UNIMA Festivals and Congresses can widen your art.

“Hybridization in Material Performance” Colette Searls, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Searls will discuss her training with Natacha Belova’s hybrid puppets in Brussels — how working with international artists in this style extended her approach to mixed-breed material performance.

“Going Global” – Stephen Kaplin, Vice President UNIMA-USA and Chinese Theatre Works

How to apply for International Festival and teaching and collaborating in international puppetry.

“The Wonders of WEPA (World Encyclopaedia of Puppetry Arts): Everything you wanted to know about Puppetry but Did Not Know Where to Start Asking” – Karen Smith, UNIMA Executive Committee and President of Publication and Communication Commission UNIMA-International

WEPA can be a tool for travelling the globe, checking out new puppet techniques, preparing to teach a workshop. Learn how with endless blood, sweat, and political savoir faire it finally came online in three languages in 2017 from Karen Smith, WEPA editor.

“The Road to Bali 2020” – Kathy Foley and Karen Smith

The next World Puppetry Festival will be in Bali in April 2020. Learn the who-what-why-when-where of puppetry in Bali and Indonesia and what to expect in the 2020 festival from Kathy Foley who performs and teaches Indonesian wayang and Karen Smith who recently returned from the site visit with to Bali Indonesian planners and the UNIMA-International leadership.

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